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Pottered history

I was born on the other side of the world... In Australia n I always say that I come by the G'day honestly (to be fair I probably say it more often than most Aussie's) I wound up in the UK for the second time for a working holiday after I finished school... I guess that I can no longer call it a holiday đŸ€” So as I mentioned this was my second trip here... The first was when I was 12 and my Dad's job moved our family to the UK for a little over 18 months. It was during this time that I discovered many life altering things. I began to appreciate that although you and I are essentially the same, there is a less than 2% difference between us, societies around the world seem to encourage us to use those differences to have power over the other. What I learnt and thoroughly enjoy delving into when I met others is finding out what those differences are and how that can enrich my life. Over the decades I have witnessed time and again that it is power over others... I am tempted to write more on this now, but this is a pottered history and I will explore this in more depth in another blog. In writing this I am not certain whether anyone will read this, but I feel the need to share my journey and various discoveries and I will trust that it will be read by the very people that need to hear it.

So the other aspect I discovered in that first time spent in the UK was that I could reinvent myself... No one knew me, in 1982-1984 there wasn't the access to the world that there is now, so for all intents and purposes I was a novelty. This meant that people wanted to talk to me, be my friend. I guess that this was the draw for me coming back to the UK in 1988 and to be honest I was having too much fun to return when I was meant to 😁

One thing that I have learnt fully over the past 32 years here in the UK is that no matter how you try and escape yourself, reinvent yourself with out doing the inner work/healing... It is not possible to run away from yourself.

The other huge thing I learnt living here as a teenager was how close the rest of the world is to the UK. I was incredibly blessed that whilst here my parents didn't expect to be back over here so we saw a lot of the world and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring other cultures and ways of being. I have been fortunate to take this on board and to this day it remains one of my favourite things to do. Of course with the advent of the Internet it is much easier to do.

My journeying has been, I see now more about learning to be okay with myself and how I sit in the universe. And along the way I have been on many adventures... Which I am going to use this blogging pages to continue exploring and you never know you are reading this and would like to know more about my travels.

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