Alchemy of self

  Storytelling through cards and crystals

  Rekei healing

  Chakra balancing



Wellness at Your Fingertips


Card Readings

Storytelling with cards and crystals...

Your journey starts with a sentence and then expands into various directions...

Often shining light on what you may be hiding from yourself.

Come and explore with me...


Reiki Healing

A hands free system of healing...

I incorporate the use of crystals to amplify the healing journey...

By using Chakra points helping you to feel more in tune and balanced within.


About Us

Journey of self 

G'day and welcome to my website.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to explore many of life's mysteries.  I have certainly had many ups and downs, but my belief is that to see the full picture on a blank page there needs to be dark parts to highlight the light and by doing so we witness the most stunning picture which is you and me.
In weaving a new story as we move forward in the universe-Joy can spring from the most simple, but complex of sources. 
Through a journey we can take together via the various forms of storytelling a magical alchemy of being can continue to enrich this universe.  That being is you.
I exist to play the Joker in the pack so that we can break the current rules for us all to grow together and in harmony.


Only in their dreams can men be truly free, 
It was always thus and always thus will be.

Dead Poets Society


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